Welcome to Burly's Wiki

These wiki pages are intended for the use of students in my classes to see what it is that they are supposed to be doing in class and what they may have missed in class. It will also be a communication tool for all of my students to use.
Video Production
One student and he is editing video and trying to schedule in video shoots of home basketball games.

The students have learned to work with computer hardware over the last 3 months and now they get machines to work on and diagnose to see if they can fix them and make them work.
Computer Apps
Students are done with Word and Excel and are working on Powerpoint right now and producing a personal PPT on their subject choice. All automatic and including several elements
7th Grade Geography
Students are going to be starting to work on individual reports and will hopefully make if a good report for the rest of the class.
6th Grade Computers
Students are learning how to type a proper report so they can do so for any teacher that may ask for one at the next level of schooling.